A woman creatively displays the ikebana app while wearing a kimono with digital coupons and discounts.


Top-Notch Creative Sushi App with Awesome Rewards!

Made with love

Easily navigate through all our restaurant menus with our user-friendly interface. Its intuitive design aims to elevate your dining experience!

Explore our Menus

Explore our extensive menus, complete with pictures and descriptions. Indulge in your preferred craft beer or wine and savor the finest creative sushi, masterfully prepared by our skilled chefs.

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DIgital Coupons

Use our digital coupons for instant discounts at our restaurant anytime! You won't just save money, you'll also contribute to saving trees!

Loyalty Cards

Accumulate points with every visit to our restaurants or with each Carry Out order. Exchange these points for exclusive discounts and benefits, such as bottles of wine! No other sushi restaurant in Puerto Rico offers rewards like we do!

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