A mobile phone showing a menu with sushi on it at Ikebana Sushi Bar Guaynabo.


We have many features available, here are additional ones.

Order our full Menu To-Go!

Choose from our extensive menu, whether for a work lunch or a home dinner. It's sure to make every meal enjoyable!

Schedule your Date and Time of Pickup

Place your order in the morning and collect it by evening. Alternatively, you can get it next weekend, just in time for your social gathering.

Secure Payments

You can safely place your order and make payments directly from your smartphone. We employ the most up-to-date security protocols for all financial transactions.

Sushi Delivery

Arrange for the delivery of your beloved creative sushi to your home or workplace using our third-party delivery associates.

Reserve your table

Use your smartphone to secure your table reservation. Ensure you never forget a crucial date to amaze your family, friends, or business partners.

Stay Updated

Keep yourself informed about the newest events at the restaurant, newly introduced menu items, craft beers, and wines.

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